I am Burak Bilgin. Throughout my life, I have studied three foreign languages, English and German as a student, and Dutch as a professional. When I was a student, working on language exercises in books and other printed material wasn't a problem. I had sufficient time to spend on them. However, as a busy professional, I didn't have the time to spend hours on them every day. Even the static content on a website isn't efficient enough to make the most of my practice time.

There had to be a better way to practice a foreign language in the 21st century. That's how I came up with the idea of LearnPractice.com. I wanted a system that adjusts itself according to my level of knowledge. What I needed was a system that tracks my performance and serves me with the questions based on my previous performance. The system should not bother me with the topics that I am already good at. It should keep my practice focused on my weaknesses, so that I can eventually overcome them. This is exactly the objective that I tried to accomplish with LearnPractice.com.

Learning a foreign language is not easy. It requires consistent practice. Maintaining a foreign language is as hard as learning a new one. It requires consistent repetition. In either case, LearnPractice.com will benefit you, if you want to practice a foreign language on an exciting and efficient platform.

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are important for me. Please send your feedback to info@learnpractice.com.

Best of Luck and Success!

Burak Bilgin

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