Choose What You Practice on Learn Practice

You can select which category you want to practice with the quick start buttons and the category tree.

When you visit your profile or the quiz start page on Learn Practice, you will see three orange quick start buttons under the heading "Take a Quiz."

The first button is the standard way of starting a quiz in Learn Practice. When you click on it, the system composes a quiz from all the questions that you have access to.

What if you want to drill a certain topic like articles or verb conjugations?

You can do that with the other quick start buttons and the category selection underneath them.

With the second quick start button, you can focus your practice on articles. You will find that button under the title "Enkel Lidwoorden."

If you don't want to practice English-to-Dutch translations, you can click the third quick start button under the title "Geen Vertalingen."

Select Any Category You Want!

If you want to fine-tune your category selection further, you can scroll down further, check the boxes next to the categories, and click the start button at the bottom of the page. You can select multiple categories on the category tree.

In either case, the questions selected by the algorithm will take into account your past performance, so that your practice is always personalized based on your Dutch level.

Do you want to have other quick start buttons? Send an email directly to me at and let me know.

You can also ask me any question about learning Dutch even if it has nothing to do with Learn Practice.

Visit your profile now to choose your own categories while practicing Dutch.

Burak Bilgin,
Founder of Learn Practice

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Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

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