Have Fun Improving Your Dutch Listening Skills

A decent vocabulary and a solid grammar is the foundation of learning a language. You can practice that foundation on Learn Practice.

To master a language, you need to build four skills on top of that foundation.

As children, we learn our native language through listening and repeating. Years later, we learn to read and write.

When we learn a second language, we go the other way around. We first learn how the words are written, and then how they are pronounced.

Listening Comprehension

If you don't practice your listening skills, you won't understand spoken sentences, even if you understand the same sentences when you read it.

In order to overcome that pitfall, you have to include some listening in your practice.

My favorite way of practicing listening is to watch movies, videos, and TV programs online. Watching online has several advantages.

Turn On the Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired

When watching videos online, turn on the Dutch subtitles for the hearing impaired. This is a game-changer when practicing listening. You improve your listening skills, while picking up new words and phrases.

Whenever you don't understand a word or phrase, stop the video and look it up.

You can repeat a part of the video as much as you want until you totally get it.

And let's face it, watching movies, videos, and TV programs is pure fun.

Watching videos in Dutch with Dutch subtitles is ideal, but if you want to watch a movie in English turn on the subtitles in Dutch. I picked up quite some new words and phrases that way.

Relevant Links

Since I live in Belgium, I mostly watch content from Flemish TV channels.

If you live in the Netherlands or want to watch content from the Netherlands, you can check these resources:

If you don't mind paying the subscription or the rental fees, you can also watch movies and documentaries in English with Dutch subtitles on iTunes and Netflix.

You can find more resources by googling Nederlandse TV or Vlaamse TV.

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite movie, TV program, or a YouTube channel? Let me know by sending a direct email to me via info@learnpractice.com.

You can also ask me anything about learning Dutch even if it has nothing to do with Learn Practice.

Whatever you do, don't forget to take a break from those movies and videos to solve quizzes for at least 15 minutes a day. Do you need a reminder to do that? Click here to turn on notifications.

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Burak Bilgin,
Founder of Learn Practice

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Published on Sunday, September 22, 2013. Updated on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

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