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Learn Practice is designed to make you learn from your mistakes.

The system is designed to help you breeze through the questions that you already know, so that you can focus on the ones that you can't answer correctly.

At the end of a quiz, if you have incorrect answers, you'll see an orange button under the title "Review Your Incorrect Questions." Click that button to access your quiz review.

Review Your Incorrect Questions

A quiz review consists of virtual cards which you can browse through using the navigation buttons below.

Each virtual card contains the question, its correct answers, and your incorrect answers. That way you can compare your answers with the correct ones.

If a question has an example or a hint, they are included in its card as well.

Virtual cards are designed to be mobile friendly. They show bite-sized information in a clean format, so that you can study them on your phone.

Whenever you have a few minutes to spare throughout the day like waiting in line, grab your phone and review your incorrect questions.

If you want to make Dutch practice a part of your daily routine, you can add Learn Practice to the home screen of your Android phone or iPhone, and turn on reminders.

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Accessible from Your Profile as Well

Quiz reviews are not only available at the end of the quizzes. They are also accessible on your profile via the green "Review your incorrect questions" button under your score card.

If you don't see your score card on your profile, solve a few quizzes so that it gets filled in.

When you click the review button on your profile, you'll be able to review all of your incorrect questions, not only the ones from the previous quiz.

As you answer those incorrect questions correctly in the future, they'll be removed from your profile.

Don't worry about repeating those incorrect questions in a quiz. Our algorithm will prioritize them when you take a quiz next time.

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Learn Practice keeps a log of your mistakes so that you can study them and repeat them in the future quizzes, but it's up to you to sign up and sign in to the system regularly to take full advantage of it.

Do you have any questions or comments about Learn Practice? Send an email to info@learnpractice.com to contact me directly. You can also ask me any question about learning Dutch even if it has nothing to do with Learn Practice.

Burak Bilgin,
Founder of Learn Practice

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Published on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

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