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Solving quizzes on Learn Practice is a fun experience at the beginning.

After a while, you might wonder if you made any progress on Learn Practice. And if yes, how much?

Learn Practice Score is designed to answer that question.

You can see your score in your profile.

At the end of each quiz, you'll see the points you earned in that quiz.

Do you wonder how many points are awarded for each action or milestone? Check the table below.

Milestone or ActionPoints
Sign up bonus1000
Each question taken1
Correct answer to a question
1 day after taking the same question1
2 days after taking the same question2
3 days after taking the same question3
4 days after taking the same question4
5 or more days after taking the same question5
When taking the question for the first time5
First quiz completed on a day50
Completed at least one quiz per day
7 days in a row100
30 days in a row500
365 days in a row7500

Do you have any questions or feedback about the Learn Practice Score? Let me know by sending an email directly to me at info@learnpractice.com.

You can ask me any question about learning Dutch even if it has nothing to do with Learn Practice.

Stay tuned for more news about Learn Practice Score because new features will follow soon.

Burak Bilgin,
Founder of Learn Practice

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Published on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Updated on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

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