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Fig.1 - In your profile page, you can select one or more categories and take a personalized quiz of 20 exercises.

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What types of questions are possible in

Here are the screen shots of the possible question types in

Fill in the Blank Questions
Fig.2 - Fill in the Blank Questions. In this example, you have to conjugate the adjective.
Questions with Short Answers
Fig.3 - Questions with Short Answers. Used for exercises like Dutch translation of an English word or the plural of a Dutch noun.
Questions with One Sentence Answers
Fig.4 - Questions with One Sentence Answers. In this type of exercises, you have to conjugate the verb according to the given tense and the person form, and then put it in the right place in the sentence.
Multiple Choice Questions
Fig.5 - Multiple Choice Questions. Perfect when the possible answers of a question are limited, such as the article of a noun.
Combined Multiple Choice Questions
Fig.6 - Combined Multiple Choice Questions. This type of questions are more difficult than the multiple choice questions, because you have to select the right answer in both lists and there are more options in the lists. However, they are still easier than the questions with one sentence answers, because the verbs are already conjugated and put in the right place in the sentence.

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Published on Friday, October 25, 2013

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